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    Leek and potato soup. I have to admit that I was very worried about preparing leeks. It was only recently that I decided to give this soup a go. To my surprise, it wasn’t so bad after all!

    I ended up looking up videos online and reading about how to prepare leeks. I checked quite a few of them before I was content that it wouldn’t be a horrible disaster. I think that part that worried me the most was how to properly clean them and this depended completely upon how you intended to cut them.

    To prepare a leek, you cut off the dark green stem up to the lighter green part. You also cut off the bulb at the end. You can use the dark green parts for vegetable stock or toss them as they are not edible. Who knew?

    Slice the leek the long way down the middle. Since I was making soup, I needed to make smaller slices almost like when you cut celery into small chunks for soup. Once that is done, fill a big bowl with cold water and place the leeks in the bowl. Swish them around gently with your hand and let the debris sink to the bottom—the leeks will float. I found that some went to the bottom so I was careful when swishing and picking some of the pieces up from the bottom. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

    Anyway, moving on you can use a chopper for two garlic cloves, half of a big onion and three big stalks of celerey—all washed and peeled of course! Toss all of this in a pan with two table spoons of butter until the leeks are opaque. After that you can add in one box of chicken or vegetable stock. There are probably other options out there for this, but I used chicken. I added a bit of salt, pepper, thyme, cajun seasoning and two bay leaves. I also added in some red potatoes that were peeled, washed and diced up as shown in the photo above.

    Once the potatoes were cooked, I just used the potato masher and added some half and half to the pot to thicken it. The recipe said to puree it, but I actually liked the bit of texture the leeks added.

    The flavor was much like that of a chowder and I can total picture myself elaborating on this! I can almost taste the other flavors like corn, asparagus, and maybe some carrots too! I think the possibilities are endless with this dish and while it did take some time to prepare, it tasted amazing. In fact, I had one bowl and one more small scoop… My fiance finished off the pot. ;-/ That blew the idea of having soup for lunch during the week. He really has an addictive problem when I make soup.

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